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Please Support Tolerance and Pluralism in Jerusalem
Through the Jerusalem Open House


Our community relies on the kind support of individuals and foundation from around the world who value our work and wish to create a Jerusalem everyone can call home. All donations to the Jerusalem Open House are dedicated to the cause of equality, pluralism and human rights in Jerusalem and Israel in general. For more information regarding the JOH projects and services, feel free to contact us at


Make a Charity Gift


A gift can be made in memory of someone, or in honor a loved one for their special occasion with donation to the LGBTQ community of Jerusalem. Whether for a bar mitzvah, a wedding or the birth of a child, a charity gift can mean just so much more. Send us an email with their details and we will send them a letter of thanks with a special message from you.


A gift to JOH is tax-deductible to the fullest extent in Israel and the US. The two main methods to make a gift from the US are the following:


Online –


Check – The New Israel Fund accepts donor-advised gifts on behalf of the JOH. Please indicate clearly that your check is donor advised to support the "Jerusalem Open House ", make your check payable to the New Israel Fund and send it to:

New Israel Fund

6 East 39th Street, Suite 301

New York, NY 10016


The New Israel Fund asks that checks be made out for a minimum of $100. (smaller amounts are permitted for honor and memorial gifts).

Once you have mailed your gift, please kindly inform us at with your gift details so that we can track your donation.


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